Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Northrup" Seriously, NORTHRUP. Spellcheck, let's talk a little bit...

Spell Check. Norux's name will never be Northrup, no matter what you keep demanding. I don't have any idea what a northrup is...and you even tag it when I typed it right there. You're really particular about that capital, aren't you?
Fiiiiine, I'll take a look since you're so insistent...
Right, apparently "Norux" is supposed to be this Northrup on the right side of the search. Amazing! You should really tell me more about yourself, Norux, I'd love to hear about it. Especially since you've only let me know about your being a fire elemental from Natlmr...

You're also not helping with my shading you in this picture, you know. If you wore anything but that blue colored top, I bet that I could figure out how to shade you as well as Reliah! But if you insist, I'll keep trying, you little brat.

(Picture Edited Feb 16)

Despite my complaint about Norux, though, the sky has finally come out perfectly and it fits how Reliah's looking at the moment. Excellent! Now it all depends if I can do the shading the exact way (and I SHOULD be able, provided I find the colors). Hopefully it won't take too terrible longer.


  1. Even without using proper names that may be uncommon, I find myself constantly adding words to the dictionary. One would think that a web-browser-based-spellcheck dictionary would have a much larger vocabulary. I mean, I haven't even started pulling out the big guns for MBWS yet!

    1. It can't be decided how the thing is going to behave. XD It hates Norux but (depending on the site) loves Kethrina. The majority of the names in my story spellcheck hates. If it weren't so annoying, it'd be funny.