Friday, February 21, 2014

Panic and uncertainty and outright stupidity.

I don't think I like Windows 8 yet. XD It's the first day with the monstrous thing. As nice and beautiful as the gigantic monitor is I'm still panicking and partly sick over what the hell 8 wants to keep throwing at me. Sorta ridiculous, yes?

Anyway. I plan to call the help tomorrow because I did something and made it where it couldn't save a recovery partition. Can't exactly say what though since I'm more than a little burnt out but it gave me an error code  0x80070015
I was having to jump from this thing to the next thing to the next as well.  ><; How do I fix this? 

Not that I plan to lie to the people tomorrow. That'd be a fast track to nothing happening. But I'm not sure that it helps if I can only tell them that I was trying to do several things at one time and was having to restart now and again.
...not that I doubt it was one of my restarts that did it, either. Stupid stupid today. ^^;


  1. It's really easy to fix. All you have to do is downgrade to Windows 7. ;)

    1. Egh, don't mouth about downgrading. The woman's like a deaf and blind train when she has her ideas and, when it doesn't work perfectly first off, it's everyone else's fault. @o It can't at all be that she refused to listen to the person who knows a little about computers, it's that person's fault for not forcing 8 to behave!

    2. Do you still have the repair tool I gave you earlier?

    3. I'm not certain about that tool, to be honest. It's been a little while.