Sunday, February 16, 2014

Interesting, Project Wonderful!

I do find it very intriguing. XD Many thanks to anyone who wants to be advertised here--you're really giving the pageviews that I wanted. 
Thank you to the man who showed it to me, too. *nodnod* 

Second, another commercial thing: A Cat's Guide to Taking Care of Your Human It's a TidyCats commercial, but I love how they have the voice actor speaking and "being" that cat. XD

And last in my spotty mind is a very slight update to Pokemon Inferno. Stars I hope I could finish this thing soon. ...Not exactly helping the case by playing around online OR playing Minecraft, but...I plea that if it weren't Minecraft, I'd either be playing Enclave or Puzzle Quest.
So...maybe I don't have an excuse. Just be quiet and let me keep making them. XD

Very slight update this time but I think it did very well to make the stars look like just a bit more than simple specks in the sky. Thanks to moonlight-fox on dA for the tip about them. ^^
Still have plenty to work on for the background and everything...I think I'm bouncing between everything else to keep from getting to it. ^^; Wish I could fix the background though. The grass just looks odd now. XD

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