Monday, January 13, 2014


January 12 post becomes Jan 13 post because of a little busyness... *cough!* 

Either way! ^^ First, the promised update on my Valeon picture (where credits for the ear reference by and credits for the pose from are still the same)!

(update on Jan 18th post)

Of course I still have his swordbelt and haircolor to finish but that should happen fairly soon. ^^

Second order of happenings cat got his stitches out today! =D We just have to let his ears heal up from the stitching removal and then he can be without his awful collar from then on. He's unhappy right now because he had to have a couple of shots though. Currently lying in my lap right now because it's warmest in the house at the moment. 
...He may dislike it very very much. In fact he will. But this vet's office will have him as a patient from here out. *nodnodnod*

And finally, yay for gifts on Steam! A friend (who will remain unnamed until I have his permission) bought Puzzle Quest: Galactrix for my birthday! Gosh I'm going to be stuck in this game forever and ever and ever. The original Puzzle quest is still very fun to me, so I cannot wait to get into this one. ^^ 

So ending now so I can get into my new game. ^^

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