Friday, January 17, 2014


Yes, you've read it right. In nearly record time, I have gotten all the flat colors onto Valeon. Every single one of them! The way I was going on, no one believed it could be done, but it was! 

(edit posted Jan 18)
I'll figure out later whether one just can't see the waist of the trousers or if he's wearing a one piece kind of thing. I wanted that little circly piece to actually shine but I'm well and pleased with what's there right now, since I'll have to ask about it tomorrow. Yes yes, I should know my program good enough for that, but I have a right to be a hair tired of him for the moment. XD

At least until I start trying to shade his hide. If that's where the fight is going to come, he can just stay as flat as the imaginary paper he's on. 

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