Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Well! Finally got a WIP to show everyone.

Sure, if you've been watching my dA you've already seen it. XD However, if not...
(New version in Jan 3 post)

I think I didn't get the idea of a tight shirt right. It doesn't so much look wrong though, so not editing. 
And  now he needs hair and face. I'm extremely pleased with how the sheath of the sword came out!

And for something a little more amusing, who else knows how hard it is to sketch on anything with a cat in your lap? He decided he wanted right there just as I picked up the tablet again. XD Oh well to that! At least it's a nice thing to spend time with him, at least until he gets up or the next time I have to run to the bathroom.

One more thing. I know that the basics of today is usually a whole 'happy new year' but I have reason to "complain". I'm a young woman after all! And today, there is 11 more days til I become one year closer to being old! Yes indeed, I'll be 29! 

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