Friday, December 20, 2013

This is about right.

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There you go. That's really all that is behind this one whole post. To make it short, the desktop's fan quit and we can't get it repaired. Mostly cause it'd cost more to send it out to a Dell Specific place to get it repaired and get it returned than it would to just buy a new one.

So we went to Staples and checked a price. Not bad there, a monitor and a 1tb computer is somewhere around $500, give or take tax. And we're not going to miss any sale because we have to wait til February to have the money to buy the new one. The man we were speaking with told us that Staples has sales in a regular basis. I've also heard that February is about one of the best months to buy computers from places?

I just dread trying to use this flippin laptop for my artwork. Someone paid me $50 to draw and color something for them and I'll be more than happy to try to work on it with this. It's just...I can't tell whether I'll be coloring anything properly with this monitor for my life
Yes, a lotta people would tell me to just keep in touch with her--more than happy to do that--I just don't like to slow myself even more because of being unsure about how this one will behave while I'm coloring... 

Granted I already have plenty of her picture already done, so I have colors and ideas to base myself on, but it's so flippin irritating. And frustrating. This is just the worst time for something to break.
--Not that there's ever a good time for it. Things just naturally break before there's any money or anything to replace or fix it. But that gives it no excuse!

It honestly can't be that bad to color on a laptop, there are tons of people who do it. I just need to learn how. Hate being set back like this though.


  1. How I'd appreciate it. Pity that I'm not! XD

    The person we took it to couldn't get the thing open. .-. Though I figure it's just cause they didn't know how to handle Dells, all it'd take is some unscrewing around the edges, instead of trying to open just that ...ridiculous empty part in the back? That and keeping up with the screws, being careful about static, etc.

    Would love to be able to do something with the old computer, too. Family's so ready to totally give up on it. @o; So til I get any way to handle buying the parts and everything, I've gotta just go with them.
    Good news on that is that we may get the one I mentioned--$500 instead of whatever those rent to own places do. So that's a beaten challenge in its own! I hope sooner than later that they stop worrying about building our own. @o

  2. Rent-to-own computer seems about as ridiculous to me as layawaying one, and you know my stance on that.

    I love playing around with old computers, especially if I don't have to worry about breaking anything. Ah, another shame we don't live closer.

  3. It is absolutely ridiculous. A $500 computer is easily about $3000 by the time you're finished with a 2 year $160 a month payment. I couldn't get them to stop talking as if it was the absolute only thing they could do until this computer we're going to buy next year.