Wednesday, December 4, 2013

If I have a choice, I will not miss a Red Cross party.

Cause today's was SO much fun! Played Naughty Santa and I got a bath set that no one stole. Someone went through and did steal a number of times, so that was fun.
And the food! @@ Such very good food. So many people cooked and or brought something, so there were tons that could (had to) be taken home by the guests. Most of the tater salad that I brought home is already gone, and it's definitely the same for the pecan pie and peach cobbler.  
Sitting and chattering with the other volunteers was nice...honestly? If I haven't got a job by the end of my time in this group, I'm definitely going to set up for volunteering at the Red Cross again. 

..I may not entirely be making the most sense yet so I'll be going over this post again later.

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