Sunday, December 29, 2013

I am trapped.

I am trapped. So much stuff and so little mind to keep it separate on.

1. Forever trapped in playing Minecraft with a terrible laptop to play it on. XD Though, in February, we're going to get a new desktop. So it'll be better then! However, I've just recently learned the magic of Experience Farming. That with my Tinkers' weaponry is just fun! 
I've also been able to enchant a Darkwood Bow with Power IV, Unbreaking III, and Infinity I. My next mission is to make a sword with Tinkers that maybe can be enchanted--I'd hope they can anyway. If not, it'll still be fun to have enchantments on a basic sword.

2. In the desktop's failure...I may well have completely lost Awakening the Inferno and all my notes on it! 
><! I might be lucky and have put it in my external, but if I didn't...I've lost absolutely everything about it. Where it may be good, it's still a sting right now. Maybe if I ever play with it again, I can restart with what I know about the characters an everything now. 
Just the hell to fans that screw up, that will be a nice thing.

3. While I have 2 art projects to work on, I've invented another to keep me all messed up. @@ Sure it's fun, but it's not helping me that I want to play with my new idea instead of get the most important of those two finished! 

Grump and complain, right? XD I can't say that I'm utterly miserable, at least, so praise God for that. And maybe my next post will show where I am in one of my pictures. *nod* Sorry for the drought and I'll try to get back in step soon enough. ^^

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