Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All around the Christmas tree

Is a whole handful of things just for me. Tiny boxes full of wonder along with giant baubles all a sparkle...

And here I am, having to lie down and stay as relaxed as I can, not worrying at all about my Gilenya and how my foot is sorta not picking up, so as to try not to set off a fullblown spell! Hmph! How is anyone going to stay relaxed during this season? XD 

Then again, maybe I can stop worrying about my medicine in the middle of all this noise and goings on, stay hidden in my little space that at least makes sense to me until everything's settled down. As of this moment, I'm able to tolerate my mp3 player for noise to drown out what racket's being made elsewhere in the house until time to join in with everyone. ^^

Hope everyone's enjoying their holidays, at least as much as is tolerable. ^^ 

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