Monday, November 4, 2013

Reworking Norux & Reliah

Minor nothing, for now: I haven't gotten a call back from any of my resume drop offs. Sure, I understand that I should be patient, but I'm afraid to put out more than four at a time. No doubt that's just silly of me, but y'know. ...Have all of Boaz to go after next, so it'll be pretty soon that I head out again anyway.

Either way. It's no wonder I don't get commissions. XD As long as it takes me to draw something and be satisfied for it? I'd never want someone to do that to me! However, I've got another rework of the Norux/Reliah picture that I've posted other versions to...anyone who watches me on dA knows this already. ^^;

(Edited and reposted Nov 9)

I want to put a bridge off to the left. It would look pretty good if I could figure out how to get the stream in. Will probably erase that trail the characters are on. ...That hill with the village needs ten ton of work. Blah. XD Going to take all the longer to get anywhere from this, but at least something's happening. Slowly.

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