Monday, November 25, 2013


Honey, dear...I don't care that you're getting put into different areas. Youtube is just fine, I just need to arrange my favorites again. Easy enough since I can still get into the original youtube account for now. It's not too troublesome on that site for the moment either, what and how I can't post and be answered unless using your service for now. I'm a serial lurker.

It's a tad irritating that a blogger post can't be answered but with you though. I signed up for blogger to be able to post and comment here and there. Am I going to be disallowed to post my own blogs sooner or later without working under your name?

Not a problem that Google is trying to advance itself like it is, as I said. It'd just be a tad better if it wouldn't cause so much trouble with what current accounts. May honestly be a little much to ask--old things don't always play nicely with the newer ones and I understand that. My whole problem is just that I'm a lazy wot. XD 

Oh well, right? Life goes on.

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  1. Is it? Okay, I didn't know that and thought it was something Google+ was doing, again. I'm glad it isn't!
    I honestly have no problem with a website/web group trying to do its job, it's just that it's a little frustrating that it forgets about the ones who have the site's original sign in, for whatever reason. I personally don't need or want another facebook, though I have signed up for Google+ once to see what could be done.

    Turned out being less than stellar at that point, to me. Maybe it's changed since deleting that account but I've not had the drive to see.