Monday, November 18, 2013

Damn insurance companies

And the same for anyone who thought that a company could be trusted with crap without being forced! They're blaming the Affordable Care act, but hell to that. It's cause the idiotic government on both sides thought that a company wouldn't worry about bottom line before customers. My insurance has decided that my MS medication--which I need refilled once a month--will not be given to me except 11 times. AND they're frickin refusing to give me a pack for this month! 

Plus, they don't exactly seem to understand that if I end up having a spell because of lack of my medicine, that will be a week in the hospital. Which will cost damn thousands more than my medicine once a month! And yeah, I don't have more than 5 prescriptions either, so to hell with you too, Medicaid. 

Thankfully my doctors have figured out a way to overnight ship 2 weeks worth of medicine to me, which'll handle til either the second or third of December. 

I wish we could just dump everyone in the government out so we can get someone other than ancient twits who long so badly for the so called "good old days". The past is dead, you motherfuckers, and it won't come back for your older than dirt asses. Get the fuck used to it and stop dragging us down into the shitpile that you and your buddies caused! 


  1. Surprisingly. Shoot, if I had nothing, I'd get the Gilenya for free or have to pay a copay (what and getting disability right now). It'd at least stop someone trying to get in between everything.