Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jobs and updates.

I think I'm going to start looking for another place to apply, again. I haven't gotten a call back from the office so far. ...and maybe this one is the one I should have called or spoke with to begin with. XD Someone recommended a new doctor's office on highway 431, and then the Cancer Center. 
Plan to try with the Cancer Center first. They're not as big as a hospital but a little bigger than the doctor's office I'm going to as a patient now. 

Still, it irritates the hell out of me that the people in my previous office encouraged me so much to be phlebotomist and then now that I am they don't want me (as a worker). Guess what happened there is just that the previous doctor had to move for whatever reason--probably greener pastures for him?  

Veh. I'm going to get hired somewhere. I just need to step up the pace again...maybe go check with both that office on 431 as well as the Cancer Center. Set up a few sheets in my tiny notebook for both places and see what comes of it?
...I just refuse to be frustrated out of the trying. There has to be a place that needs a (hopefully) part time Vampire. 

As for the picture's update! I should take it back into Sketchbook Pro so I can get the grass in the back area the same as in the front, but the back hilly area finally came out to a degree! Have plenty of shading and working to go before done but it's creeping to the finish line!

(Edit: Reworking picture, update Nov 4.)

Of course you probably also notice that Norux hasn't exactly got his face yet. Funny how a picture demands to be worked on...But the end is near!


  1. I'm somewhat glad I'm out of the blood business, because now's the time of the year when the vampire jokes get really bad and really repetitive. Though I wasn't technically a vampire, I just did telerecruitment. Still, best of luck to you.

    1. Telerecruitment? Is that where someone calls to get people to give blood, usually after they had before at some time?
      And I so hope can get a job. It's been driving me crazy that my certification is going to run out next year if I don't get something done. ><; Unfortunately my art isn't good enough to actually sell (yet!) or I'd start doing that. XD

      Got a great critique lately on the picture, too. The only thing I "Regret" is that I need to start from the beginning, I think. So that's annoying, but I'm probably going to have ten tons of arguing fun with the picture again. @@ Most people would call me crazy for that...

    2. Yes. My department wasn't responsible for any "cold calling."