Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another 'everywhere' blurb...

Laziness. Pure and simple laziness. I woulda had a picture done by now if it weren't for Pur-o-D brand laziness! And I want the thing finished but will I work? Can I? ...BLAH, I know darn well I can, but will I? Apparently not. *facepalm* At least it's just something of mine and not anything belonging to someone else.
Plus! I know what I want in the farther background this time--the hints to a city! Which'll be fun, since I've not drawn many of that like before. Honestly can't wait to try that. XD

And I've been wondering if I could be pricing my commissions a little high for my current skillset.  I know it's -less than- minimum wage right now, but. Heck, I don't know why I'm so worried about it, really. The reason I'm not getting any interest is that I've not shown my work around enough, so I don't know why I worry about the prices yet. *facepalm* It'd be different if I would show around/advertise better.

So yes. I complain about being 'lazy' and that I've not been working on a piece? Yeaah...Been finding a lion sim/breeding sim kinda fun lately. 

The other players have been pretty nice so far and you can spend actual money to get different colors on your lions/lionesses sometimes. Here's what they say on that first page:
       "Lioden is a brand new revolutionary twist on SIM game experience - be the king of your very own pride of lionesses, breed the best cubs, defend your territory and battle other lions for supremacy.
Lioden is a brand new game filled with wonderful features - beta phase officially launched!" (slight edit)

If that sounds interesting to you, check it out!


  1. Did you give up on adfly or just forget about it? (I'm not bothered, just curious.)

    I'm jealous. All my laziness is generic instead of the pricey, branded stuff like yours. I guess I'm just cheap like that.

    1. Yeah, unfortunately you -do- have to pay if you want a good looking lion. I've been doing well without so far, but I don't know how long til I can't resist something they put out. XD As those games work, I suppose. Sooner or later I'll decide it boring.

      And I completely forgot. Shows how good I am with things. XD