Sunday, September 15, 2013

Figure update and tired rambling

(Stars how I hate to accidentally tag the highlighter function! However, with that fixed...)

Maybe when I get this guy dressed and everything, it'll look better than a previous example! @@ Can't honestly say how well I've done the hand this time (his thumb is supposed to be pointing out, like if you were pointing upward. I patterned how it looks by how my thumb can somewhat bend backward?). 
...though I think I have GOT to stop focusing on a character's rear if their back is facing us. #o.o# Or at least make the rest of him look somewhere as decent.

I also have a big want to get done with the characters so I can focus on the background! It's horrible that they're standing in what seems to be outer space. XD


  1. I believe that's commonly called "hitchhiker's thumb." If I remember correctly from high school bio, it's a recessive trait. My thumb just goes straight up.

    The background looks fine to me. Sometimes, if I can find somewhere with barely any light pollution, a mostly unobstructed horizon, all while standing at the top of a hill, the sky and the stars fill up my vision, and the ground just sort of seems to fall away. That's what I'm getting from your background.

    Unfortunately, I have to drive for several hours south-westerly in order to get the local light pollution just to fade a little bit.

    1. Hm. You've actually given me a great idea with what to do about the background--tis great to hear that I don't have to draw everything out! XD Maybe neaten it a bit, suggest what's there a bit better instead of leaving it only as it is.
      Thank you!

      And I guess that's just the thing about having so many buildings and lights everywhere. I'd love that the night sky could be seen clearer, too.