Saturday, August 17, 2013

Y'know, Minecraft...

I wish you wouldn't do this to my character. He's terrified of spiders and to wake up like this was horrible for him. Can't you see how he's so helplessly shooing them away? 


  1. Plant cacti on your roof. That will keep them away.

    1. Will it? I didn't know that at all! (I'm...not all that wise when it comes to Minecraft. XD)

      Thank you!

    2. Well, actually, no, it won't keep them away. But if they aggro on you, they'll try to follow you, even if you stand under the cacti. And they'll kill themselves on it.

      If you cover your roof with bottom halfslabs, nothing will spawn up there, but spiders can still climb up onto it. To stop spiders from climbing, you need a lip/overhang on your roof.

    3. Doesn't matter how you do it. With spiders, technically an overhang of one pixel is sufficient. If you're trying to make it look like a castle, crenelations are the way to go. If you're trying to make it look natural, use local resources. If you don't care what it looks like and you have sheer walls, you can use signs.

    4. This is a lot of great ideas, thank you so much! Will see what I get with these. ^^

      Have I asked before about how long you've played? You sound like you're a pro builder in the game. XD

    5. I'm certainly no pro; just a modest player at best. I've been playing since about the middle of Beta, but all my experience after they released 1.0 is with the xbla version (since that was the point it stopped running on my computer).

    6. I always build in caves, or in hills. Those are my permanent shelters. I actually do whatever I can to minimize my footprint on the surface, even when I'm playing one-player, so it's not a PVP survival strategy. Most people who play seem to build cities and to crowd out the natural landscape. I'm very much the reverse.

      When I get an equipment upgrade and can play on the computer again, I'm hoping to make yt series of my play method, because I've not seen ANYONE else who plays that way.

      I've even got the intro animation built already and the user name reserved.

      And I don't worry about spiders or creepers on my roof.

    7. You did excellent on that intro! Good luck on getting the computer fixed, can't wait to see some of your fact, I'll go ahead and subscribe. (SuperSonicChaos2 there)