Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pic update (edit Sep 4)

Working and working on this little piece...that absolutely should not be as big as it is right now, but heck if I wanna fight with -that- too. XD

The fussing will be worth it if I can keep the colors balanced with the darkness around it! ...I'm terrible at night scenes since I always want my colors too bright, but maybe I can force myself to learn with this fire stuff in this pic's night.
Complaining aside, I'm pretty satisfied with the mane! So if I can get Norux's flame to balance with what I already have? The rest of it shouldn't be half the trouble that it's been so far. 


Well, I've been fighting with it for a small spell. Turns out that, no matter how good the start is, if one does not cancel that they've shrank the picture...nothing will work anyway. XD

However! I can certainly redo things to make them look as decent. ^^


  1. If I'm correctly presuming that you're building/assembling this in a imaging program that uses layers (most of them do these days, even the free ones), making it too bright shouldn't be a problem. Just throw a darkening filter on top of it, and if your program doesn't have a darkening filter, use an appropriately shaped block of black that's lightly transparent.

    At least, that's what I use.

    1. You're correct about it having layers. *nod* I don't think with filters too much, it just don't ever come to mind, thank you for thinking of that for me! If things become too over bright, I'll try it. ^^