Sunday, August 4, 2013

Oh Minecraft...

I've started a FTB Minecraft game and just had to create a quick home/safe location. Isn't this nearly everyone's case, if you didn't have enough collected to build something?


  1. I'm jealous... my system isn't good enough to play the computer version, and I don't know anyone who plays it on the xbox.

    But to answer your question, yes every LP I've watched, everybody gets frustrated at the beginning due to a shortage of everything.

    1. Guess it's a tad old then/a laptop? (Listen at me talk. We only bought this one year before last because our other desktop finally gave up the ghost!)

      It seems that I've set my "temporary" in a good location, surprisingly. I've ended up with plenty of coal and iron/copper!

    2. A little more than a tad, I'm afraid. It ran beta alright (provided view distance was set to tiny), but not any versions since. In the next year or so I hope to be building myself a new system, and hopefully repurposing this one.

    3. Good luck in getting the new system soon! And playing minecraft in tiny distance is horrible. ><; You can't see what's nearby and, in my case, would always get destroyed because you can't see the enemy that's shooting you!