Friday, August 2, 2013

More blurbs

I will love the day that I can wake up without a splitting headache around my eyeballs! Feels like the eyesockets are on fire or something so strange.
Veh and other minor grumbles, I guess. 

But something good has happened recently. I've figured out how to handle the keys and locks when I'm in the office! Plus the bathroom key hasn't defeated me the last two days I was there. So that's doubly good. 
...And I won't give details, but I've actually been able to answer the phone correctly and help people when they call. So that's very satisfying that I can help at all.

Still been working on that Trez and Zeli piece too. Working with Sketchbook Pro is pretty fun--moreso than I'd have expected, coming off GIMP. Can't wait til I finally get to the coloring phase! 

Bad habits abound though. I've been having to go here and yonder so many times the past week that I've fallen behind my exercise schedule. Might help if I at least get a pedometer (I can list the steps taken in one of Wii Fit's sub-areas) so then it'd have to count at least -something- per time I weigh!

Nothing else to really report though, unfortunately...anyone having a better and more sensible time? XD


  1. Definitely procrastinate. The ones I keep finding are $100+, so I know I'm looking at the wrong places (at least I HOPE so!).
    I'll take a look at what you mention, thank you! Surely will find /something/ if I keep on.

  2. If all else fails, you could measure out how far all the places you frequent are from each other in the office, and once it's measured out, then just guess or tally how many times you go there. No device need to measure, just a little math skill.

  3. Hm. I'd have to err on the side of "not so many" (knowing my math) but that's possible too. Thank you for the tip! Figuring the steps this way will be a lot better than spending the money for a glorified calculator/phone or anything similar.