Saturday, July 20, 2013

Definitely a volunteer now!

I've been aiming to be a volunteer for the Red Cross in Northeast Alabama. Last Thursday was the first day I was there by myself was surprisingly boring. Not that they didn't tell me that several times that it's a slow office, it just surprised me by exactly how serious they were being!

They allow me to bring my laptop so I spent more time playing Bejeweled than anything--the phones never rang and then the fax didn't have anything. And then there's notes all around going over things that every volunteer needs to know, so I don't have to worry about not knowing something. very very relieving because my brain and I aren't always on speaking terms.

A microwave is in the front area, which is great. The very much a trip. >>; And the door has to be locked every time I exit. All because it's just for the volunteers and other people who work in that building, not a public restroom. So me and that key are going to have to come to an agreement--even if I do walk to the bathroom in enough time, it's gonna do me no good whatsoever if I can't make the key behave that instant! 

I'll also get an identification card on a lanyard that I'm supposed to wear around my neck the days I'm there. Haven't got it yet because the machine that does this is giving everyone trouble but I'm sure that they'll figure out how to kick the thing into shape sometime. 

All of this and the only "real problem" [*hack cough hack*] is that I'm going to have to wake up at 7:15 in the morning every Thursday. I am not a morning person. The morning is still scary turf that I've only had to be in when I was in high school! So may I just learn to wake up and get my lunch prepared in time for me to leave!


  1. Staying up to put up posts at one-thirty in the morning sure isn't going to help you get up bright and early...

    I've found that the only way for me to get up early without adverse effects is to get my sleep schedule swung around to line up with that time, and then keep to it every single day, whether I need to be up that early or not.

    1. I've found out that if I go to bed around 12-12:30 that I tend to wake up somewhere around the right time. But you are right, I ought to get used to going to bed/getting up at that time whether or not I 'like' it.

      Just dread it! Getting time swapped over is hard!