Friday, July 12, 2013

Blurbs about everything.

It's really frickin frustrating when you're exercising with a wii fit game and it decide to give nothing but trouble for the last five minutes. @vv@ I mean, sure, I didn't have to do the bike riding, but hell. I can't even make a new goal for me with that and it decide to work! 

Blah. I'll probably be over it in a couple hours. At least spent 25 credits on it. So that was somewhere near an hour, I think? 

And I'm having some fun driving myself crazy over a picture. Have one where the figures need dressed (posted earlier here, before the Vampire Hunter D) and then one I want to rework but fear doing because of the background. Probably just need to pick myself up on that. >>;

I'm also excited for Monday--the second day of training for helping at the Red Cross. Then, if I pass on that, I'll have Thursdays on my own. (As I still believe, anyway. I'll be able to bring my laptop, since it's not a super busy office, so that'll be nice!)

Lessee...I think that actually about covers everything going on in my head right now. XD Maybe I can focus on something else now!


  1. Sounds like what happens when I'm recording my exercise with My Tracks and it suddenly thinks I'm in Indiana or India. Of course, I never notice until I get home and look at the summary, and it shows me with a maximum speed of 3000mph (yes, that really happens). Fortunately, MT isn't the only device I use to track myself, so the workout doesn't go to waste, but still. Isn't technology wonderful?

    1. So very wonderful. *cough* Love not getting credit--though I suppose I shouldn't worry about that. My body knows I was exercising.

      ...although, useless as it is to be told you're going 3000mph, could you just imagine being able to withstand what would be necessary to GET that kind of speed? Would never have to pay for car gasoline or anything again.

    2. My record on a bicycle is 30mph, downhill. That was somewhat frightening. I'm not a big fan of high speeds on what's essentially few metal sticks. Even if I could physically withstand it, I'm not certain I could mentally.

      Though I've hardly had to pay for gasoline this summer. I live close enough to everything that I can just ride everywhere. At least until I find employment (and depending on how said employment feels about me arriving a little sweaty).

    3. You have a point. Maybe if the bike were more than "a few metal sticks"?

      About the employment--they may not have somewhere for a bike, as spoiled as some places are for cars. Good luck on finding one who don't care, though!

    4. Thanks.

      About that "spoiled" bit, yeah, they are. There's one thing that I've never been able to get a good answer to: the local Jewel Osco doesn't have a bike rack (and I've pestered them for one) but the local Menards does. Is that backward, or is it just me?

    5. That is strange. I wonder if they're just being troublesome or if they're afraid of some kinda problems happening.
      I'll be honest and admit that I don't know of anything else more than a bike theft that could happen, but wouldn't it be a step in the right direction if they had a camera at the area?