Thursday, June 20, 2013


I woke up today to find that someone from the Red Cross in this county, Ms. Burks, had emailed me to say that she got my resume and to set up a time to meet her at the county chapter! 

I'm so very excited, maybe I'll get some volunteering down (for that year needed) and then somehow manage to get me a job! I'm scared to death and so excited in the same. ^_^ Perhaps I can get into one of the labs in the county--hopefully in town or close to it--and actually start DOING something other than sitting on my rear, playing pretend half the day! 

And I know I'll be alright. If this is what the Lord wants me to be doing, I'll have no trouble with my energy levels or anything. Plus, as energized as I was during clinicals, I'm sure I'll be okay too. 

Hope that this works like it should and that I can do this. So nervous, so excited to finally get to be doing something with my life.


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    1. I so very hope that things go well. I've asked for four days a week and that it's fairly regular. But then comes the 'interrogation' that I expect--it comes with the grounds of medical stuff.

      Veh, I'll do fine with those when it comes. ^^ I hope I get that far. XD