Monday, June 10, 2013

Five days of no internet.

And all I have to show for it is something that isn't truly finished at all. The horse's basic lineart is by RogueDraken of deviantart and I've not fully gotten it changed over to being a Rapidash.

Though to be honest, I was more having amusement to keeping with the WiiFit stuff and playing Steam games. Stuck on Anvil's Forge in Darksiders right now...can't tell if my game is lagging worse because this isn't necessarily a gaming computer or if it's simply that I'm bad with the camera/cannon weapon and handling the camera with it.

To be fair though, as much trouble as I have with the camera anyway, it's unfair to blame only the computer/the game's weapon. But just like the first Shadow Realm section, I will eventually make it past. XD (Hint: Took me a number of days to get past where it wants you to do finishing blows on all enemies. Taking me longer for this.)

But now all I have to do is reorient myself for everything. @@

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