Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm so excited!

I ordered an external harddrive last Thursday. And I'm squealing. On Saturday, the tracker says it was in town! So if they find an excuse to deliver it Tuesday instead of tomorrow, I'm gonna have to wonder about them. XD

Course, it probably will come Tuesday. *nod* That's the day that the tracker predicts. Whatever the case, I'm tempted to be like a silly little kid and try not to sleep all night tonight and tomorrow--sleep through Tuesday and not get to see the thing til I wake up the third day! 

And a thought I just now had...I might just end up sitting and looking at it when it comes. Not out of awe or anything like that, but just trying to figure out what the heck to do with it! XD Not that it'd be so hard to figure out. It's just that my brain is like my topic shifts--always plays out in left field and sometimes can't be accounted for.

In the world of art, I've got a...thing of sorts. Still have to make the character look like a person and not a bunch of blocks, plus connect his arm correctly. And make his head look like a head instead of a square ended potato. However! There is finally a piece of a picture to show! XD
Horse lineart by RogueDraken 
Blah. I hope that, when he's finished, the character looks at least anywhere around as good! XD


  1. Please tell me it's not shipping via USPS.

    And don't build an altar for it. That never works as well as you hope (speaking from first-hand experience).

    1. I can honestly say that no, it is not. (Thankfully! USPS were the ones who screwed up delivering my tablet!) FedEx is shipping this one.

      Aww, it doesn't? Well darn. XD Guess I'll just move things and sit it directly on the desk, then. As that is, tsk!