Friday, May 10, 2013

Forgive me the 5sec advertisement link, but y'all remember the external I was talking about so much?  (Seagate 2TB external for those who don't) 

I love it. Haven't entirely figured out how much to move and how to not be a hoarder with several more-than-I-need different versions of things, but I love it. Have already put some of my music on it and several of my finished artworks. 
It plugged up and installed itself just fine and it's been working great. ^^ I very much recommend the one that I linked and


  1. Better to have more versions than you need than less, especially with all that space. I don't recommend "cleaning up" until you find yourself running low (which ought to be a nice long time).

    1. Mm, that is true. *nod* I just don't need eight copies of something by making mistakes on it. XD