Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wii Fit Plus

It surprised me that my neurologist was happy that I played this game. It's a video game, exercise or not. And the way it measures weight is usually about 10 pounds off, at least in my case. >>; Wonder if there's a way to fix that? Because thinking that I'm still in the 150 range and actually being in the 163-165 is bad. 
My doctors dislike me being higher or lower than 150, so I don't appreciate your tricks, game!

I may have been over this a few times but...maybe it'd do me well to keep a small list here so I can hopefully keep up with myself past times that the game's on me.

Rhythm Boxing: Watch out punching bag, I'm after you.
The game gave me the 10 minute time/reward, too, after playing at a better level than I had been! It's...way too fun to beat up on that thing. Even if I have to keep up with the game's 'trainer' and the patterns he gives me. Then that free-battering that I get to give it at the end of the time! 
...I bet that it falls apart every time, anyway. It's just so rewarding to see it do so, though!

Cycling: Doing a short trip around the game island isn't that bad and I'm surprised. 
Course, I'd love if I could jog in place as the intent is, but I just can't keep myself in the same spot. Neither on Cycling nor the Run game that it has. However, can tell that it's doing me some good since I can walk straight now. That sounds so silly. MS makes it a true statement though! 

I wish I had the nerve to play that one where you're shifting your weight side to side to feed the penguins. That'd probably be fun if I could get past my fear that I'd fall! As of now though, I'm too afraid to shift too far left and right
Though, to be honest, it'd probably do me well if I could teach myself to play at least a few of the balance games. 
My brother makes me jealous with his rope walking...he can so easily get back and forth! My poor character? Ends up falling several times before halfway. And then having to somehow jump with those traps? Bet people'd have fun watching. XD

And a question before I stop this entry...is it hard for anyone else to actually stop anytime before an hour, because the mini games are so fun?


  1. I prefer to go outside (I think that makes me unusual). Also, I don't have a Wii.

    1. That's fair. I used to love to, til I couldn't tolerate heat anymore (saying 'heat' cause summertime, course). As that is, right? ^^;

    2. I'm fairly heat-tolerant these days. I only turn on my AC for humidity control. I've heard you can improve your heat tolerance by drinking warm drinks (like hot tea and cocoa), but I don't know how true that is.

      Yes, it seems to be summertime at last. No more of that horrible winter-weather on the horizon.

    3. I wish I could make myself more heat tolerant. XD Dunno how much is just that I've always felt worse in heat and how much is the MS--blast the thing for making hot days fully intolerable outside.

      But I agree on it finally being summer. No more confused days and nights that can't decide what they are.