Monday, April 15, 2013

Sudden (game) pregnancy.

Dangit you silly little sim-type games. First you tell me that I'll know everything about the characters. And then? 

I am now desperately wondering how this character got pregnant. 
And with who. Because the last thing I knew about it was that she was in good health and good spirits--and that she and her husband hadn't touched one another! Is this a case of running around? If so, how did the two get away with it? There are so few people in this itty bitty place. 

Miana, seriously. You ought to keep yourself together, you naughty! What else do you people do when the computer is off or when I'm not playing?! And, even if you were playing someone else's controller, how? Counting you, there's only about five of you people on this island at all, with two of them kids! The other two are your husband and that other guy who moved in. 

I really hope that you don't expect them to keep quiet. And when you've caused the breakup of this whole grouping, I hope you feel good about yourself. 


  1. I hope that's her case, for everyone's sake. Can you imagine the fighting since there's only the very few men!
    She also had her baby today. A little girl--but her bad luck is that there are not really any guys around her age that aren't brother! XD