Sunday, March 31, 2013

Well, yet again no art.

I've still found something kinda funny. Can't understand a word that they're saying but this little toy copying the police officer is just funny. (At least to me!)

And ooooh, God's answered a prayer for where to go to try to find work! I can't go to Gadsden every day--heck, I can't drive so would be using someone else's gas no matter. But a friend of mine in Sunday School mentioned that I should try putting in applications at the health department. 
...of all things, no one in this household even thought of this! I might have to be cross trained for a few things but asking for a phlebotomist position would at least be a start. 

I have something of a resume that I can edit and refine.  Plus the books that we used in class this year! Maybe I'll get a job before I have to test again for the certification the end of next year. XD 

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