Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Experiment in Redundancy

Y'know, if I remembered how to operate my own site...we wouldn't have to have that giant block to the side of things. XD Yii, right? Then again, maybe it's better to have that advertisement front and center...

So. To play the game of  "Redundant", I'm opening commissions! Until I know how I'll do on them, it's going to be one at a time. Plus I'll wanna keep in touch with anyone paying, so please lemme know your email address! It's easier to let one see progress as it happens.

My prices are $7 US dollars for lineart or coloring (separate) and $14 for doing both. I'll also figure out how to split the payment up--I'll want to have something of a down payment before I start and then get the rest of it when I'm finished.

And, as I've said in the other rectangle, I'm just aiming for a tad of spending money since the majority of what I get is put toward bills and groceries. So tired of seeing some nice blouse that I don't have the money for at the time or some snackable that's right in my face! XD 

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