Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Salome" v.2!

I have so much art to be working on. So very much. And I'm nothing but completely stuck for ideas and thoughts for them. @@

...either that or I have so many that they're crashing into each other and are blocking themselves. So I flee back to one I'm making a mess of.

So we have this for now. *nod* It's supposed to be the woman in Titian's "Salome" painting. I've admired his work since seeing it the first time and ...well something. Whether it's correct or not. XD

(Edit February 16)
Gotta fix that shadow on her neck and her face is lacking enough of a chin.. (Thanks to Self-Epidemic for pointing it out!) Still a little afraid for her hair. XD As it is and as it stands, I suppose? Personally like how the shadows on her eyes have worked at the moment, too. 
Mayhaps more will come of it!

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