Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ideas ideas ideas.

Can't say anything's wrong with them, of course! But...I get ideas in such big clumps. 

Which is bad enough, but when I have something I'm supposed to do contest wise and something I promised someone I'd color...The ideas just burn! XD
Suppose I could burn some paper with pencilmarks, getting hints and blips of them down. 
But. I have something to show--need to work on it a lot more before I can say I'm even partially finished. XD Gshazzaam asked me to color this lineart. 

My WIP: 

I feel like I'm getting there on the skincolor, but how I'm going to justify the haircolor and the chocolate (despite white chocolate, chocolate and caramel, etcetc) is something I'm not entirely sure of right now. 

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