Saturday, February 16, 2013

Goodness what an itch.

I keep wanting to play with "Awakening the Inferno". A dead end story that, at one point, I wanted to be a book...

Sheez what's wrong with me? I...have my notes and everything that I'd started with. Can't just give those up. But I don't know what I'll do with the story if I ever do continue to write it! I knew I wanted to go from Fire to Earth to Water to Wind, then in that last one show the ending of the whole line. A story of elementals and everything that has to live with and around them.

Tch, and since the elementals from Avatar and Korra came out and around, how will I ever make things my own without being told I'm copying from one or the other or am doing it "wrong"?

I can't even write the rest of AtI. The words escape me and yet the characters all live in my head and act as they would and will. All the silly little ideas--a Fire elemental, who is supposed to stay away from most things wet, finding that he has the worst addiction to cantaloupe. To the hells if it hurts him, he likes the taste!
What a mess could be made with that. Because he would never like the dried stuff.

A Wind elemental who realizes that the self same Fire had, at some point, fallen for her. But would he ever join her in the skies, even for single moments? least without panic or worry from him, anyway. Silly fellow!

Then the elf who is working in a shop owned by a couple of people at an oceanside town, they've allowed him to move in with them and taught him the ways outside the woods that he's from. Even I can't understand how that particular section of elves stand themselves. XD

And all this said? I don't have the words to continue on from where I left it off. Not and it sound like a story more than a few chopped together sentences! It'd be something else if I could trust my own mind to give me the proper ones anymore. Maybe not even to publish like I'd thought, but to just prove I can do something like this. <_> 


  1. Sometimes you just have to start afresh instead of continuing what's already written. That can be easier than trying to continue where you left off.

    I think I went through four or five complete rebuilds for Fortress Race before I found one that works, the one that's gotten me to 30,000+ words. And when I get it published (I will, and nothing's going to stop me), I'm at the risk of being told I copied the idea from Hunger Games (even though I have proof that I started working on the story in 2005).

    It's a risk all of us writers go through, being told that we "stole" our ideas from somewhere else. You just have to be careful.

    You might appreciate a post I made about this back in 2011, "Just Because They Tell The Same Tale Doesn't Mean They Share Tunes Too" at DreamClassier.

    1. AtI's gone through one namechange and then this would be the third rebuild if I go to do that. I might, who knows--kinda sounds silly cause I /like/ how I've written a few parts of it so far. Guess that's just me being ticky though! Rewriting isn't at all saying I can't use something anyway!
      And I appreciate your link! It's a very much better way to think about things and sorta shakes up what I was worrying about. It's definitely worth the try on it, thank you!

      Not sure that my characters'll ever let me rest if I don't give it its fair try either. They're 'alive' and they 'live' all the time for me. (why I always quote that, I have no idea.) I could look around and see something, then immediately think, "Oh, *character* would do something stupid like that." Does that happen with you?

    2. Absolutely! Sometimes I even wonder if they're more alive than I am. They certainly have more adventures, more fun, and a better standard of living than I do.

    3. Isn't that always the case! XD Everything for them ends up a deal better too, no matter what.