Thursday, January 17, 2013

And an update!

Minecraft is being terribly addicting. Terribly so. I don't know entirely when it will free me, but thought that it'd be a good idea to post some misadventures. 

First day: I built a little 2x2 shack, just big enough to hide in during the night. Did not have a bed and really wasn't that big. That morning I went out to go mine rocks and such like that and tried to return before it got dark. ...did not succeed. A couple of game days worth of searching for that little thing, I gave up trying to find that one and so built me another house. 

Well, two days or so after I had built the house, there was a single block hole that I wanted to check out...

And I have been working on the picture from December 26th. She looks a bit better in color, I just ought to find her shadow colors for everything. 
Then dress her. ...goodness I hope I can get her finished before February 4th!

(Edited and posted on Jan 17th)
Lines won't be there when I finish, hopefully. Pleased so far though.

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