Sunday, November 18, 2018

Leana & Valeon

Poses: Syccas-stock
Clothing: CherrysDesigns
Watertop: Solira-stock

Nov 13, 2018
Because of course, I would leave this as a draft on the 13th instead of actually posting it. Naturally. XD Mmhm.
Aside from smarting off at myself, I'm pretty happy with how they're coming together. Have mentioned it a couple of times already, but I am looking forward to tackling Valeon's glove and cloak. Now that I've finally got a little bit of time to myself I can finally work on it all! @@

To add a little bragging to this piece, I finally merged Leana's folders and Valeon's folders to the point that there's only one for her and one for him. It feels a whole lot better than poking at eight or ten layers just to work on one thing!