Monday, July 29, 2019

Feature 29--MoodyFrog

Guarding Your Sleep
Isn't that dog licking the person's hair so very cute? And how fluffy the dog looks just makes me want to squeal about it. From there, my eyes go up toward the sky and moon. It's so lovely, no wonder the character is sleeping so well right here.
I also love the way that MoodyFrog chose to paint this, it looks very much like Van Gogh in my eye and makes it just have so much personality! In this; she used watercolors, fine liners, silver and gold markers--thumbs up for how well she handled these!

Sweet Dreams
More watercolor! Isn't it so nice to see the colors not run through one another? (At least it is to me, considering my luck with watercolors.) The way she handled the trees is amazing to me and pay some attention to those flowers the character is sleeping in--gorgeous! Love how she made them bounce out of the dark color the way she did, that has to be my favorite part of the piece!

Hansel and Gretel get Eaten by the Witch
Oh yes, they are in the original book (though I don't remember what they've changed in the more recent ones)! Why else should the witch feed them so well? XD To me, it looks like the kids are still walking through the flowers before they seal their fates. And I love that moon in the background, in this one than the previous. It looks so natural hiding behind the trees--and you guys just look at those trees! They look so natural!

If you guys liked this feature, I have to encourage you to go to MoodyFrog's deviantArt gallery! Like I keep saying time and again, you won't regret it!

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