Monday, April 1, 2019

Feature 16--jayusdraws

Character Reference: Emrys Myrddin
This character looks like she's having a great time. I'd love to know more about her just based on that! She seems to be a fan character from some Harry Potter game. The uniform looks great and, again, I'm fangirling over someone's way of painting hair. 
And could I make a mention on how nice the character's skin tone looks? This looks quite natural! Excellent work there, jayusdraws!

Sketch Chibi
This picture is an advertisement for jayusdraws chibi characters. There is a link to the Ko-Fi in the artist comments if you happen to want to buy one from them! I want to pick this one up and just cuddle her. Maybe pet her like a cat, too...til whatever chibi-reaction comes through to make me stop. 
Because most chibis have a destruction mode if one doesn't let them alone quickly enough. Right? XD

Happy Birthday, Uraraka
My eyes immediately go to the boots on this character. Aren't they cute? XD And those bracelets look like a lot of fun. (Because the best bracelets are the oversized ones!) I think that jayusdraws did a great job on matching the light colors with the darker ones, then matching that with the background. Great work!

...and now that I've shown you these three pieces, you guys get yourselves over to her gallery and take a look at the rest of them!

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