Sunday, February 5, 2017

Late post! But Val's finally dressed.

Feb 4
So yeah. I'm late a day...forgot to save like I should have so had to resketch a couple things so I could post!

Valeon's turned out to be as simple a sketch job as I thought it would be. Thank goodness! Usually when I get in that state of mind, things turn out to be so much harder. XD I want to see if I could add in a small waterfall back there between the furthest rocks. If that were to come would probably be hidden by all the magic being sent around by that mage and Valeon, no doubt.
But it'd be fun to try anyway!

Val's hair is going to be added either on the "clean up the lines" stage or the coloring one. Kima already has hers...for the sake of eliminating character jealousy, it will hopefully come sooner than later.

Edit: Feb 5
Lookit what I found after digging in these rocks! Water! And the beginnings of a couple thin trees! What else has all these rocks and dirt hidden from me?

(Image update Feb 9)

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