Monday, November 28, 2016

Tre and Streaming Bothers

Someone's noticed something I forgot to do on this picture--I got too occupied and forgot to add in the brighter hues for the face looking left and the one looking forward. This will not be too hard an edit, it's just having to go back to that bit when there's plenty of little things to adjust!

Edit: Nov 30

How about a useful tip when recording? Make sure that you've adjusted OBS (or whatever your recorder is) to be recording and not just streaming. You'll be able to decide your moves just as quickly either way, don't get me wrong, it'll just delay having something to put on youtube yet again.
Maybe I'd be wise to just finish poking around the small bits and try to record painting the full bodies for youtube.

All and all, I'm happy with how it is at the moment; silly complaints aside.

I also give up with for the moment.
Can't really figure out what I did with OBS to cause it but, the past few livestreams have been jittery and blocky on that site. (If it's OBS at all and not something else.) Plus it makes my computer run so hard for whatever reason.
Not getting those problems on, though; so I think I'll move any other streaming/recording operations there. I'll leave a link to it on my Contact page.

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