Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tre's shirt and CSP layers

(Edit on Sep 19 post)

I have been dying to get finished with this because I've been stuck for so long. XD Got finished with his top though, so all I need now is his jeans and boots (as well as a few more lines to make him wear his gloves).
Have got to get more clothing references, the front of his shirt looks so flat. BUT I love how his sleeves came out!

The sooner I'm done with the lines is the sooner I get to color and finish this. Can't wait.

Also, Clip Studio Paint is a great program. @@ Should have known how to change layers back and forth from raster to vector. Silly me only found how today... Yes, I've already squealed about this on a too short deviantart journal post, but if I hadn't found this, I'd have probably needed to just trace my lines instead of fixing them!

I'll figure out how to fix his top tomorrow. But I'm quite pleased with his jeans!

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