Friday, September 23, 2016

Mid-Project Interruption

I knew it was coming soon as I posted the last picture. It was unavoidable and undeniable. Because what is a good project without looking over old pieces and trying to decide what you won't be doing on the new one?

Mmhm. Yep. Never happy unless I have two things on the burner. One would think I'd quit lying to myself about an image being "finished", as well. Sure I set it aside since August 8th, but...nope. Not happy with it anymore and I want to do more. Again, just like what happened to the Horsemen.
I'm hopeless. XD

And, of course, I do have the .clip file on this computer. That means that I can rework some of the painting on Find the Way. I've learned much better on shading, so surely surely I can make everyone look a little better! And fix those lines that aren't working well in the background, perhaps redo the characters at least some...

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