Thursday, August 11, 2016

Windows 10. Ooh, Windows 10...

Look, I'll argue for you on several things. But when you update and then mess up my tablet again, we've got problems. You seem to have erased my tablet's connection to its driver. Again. So now I've got to fuss with WinTab to get control back!

You're such a bother, I don't know why we updated to begin with. *facepalm* But I'll eventually get rid of WinTab and there won't be problems til the next time you update. ...One would think I'd remember how I got rid of it before, but ARGH. Of course not.

Look, I really don't want to buy another Wacom. It's stupid to pay so much just for a name. And while they probably wouldn't have the problem my Monoprice keeps having with these updates, I don't have the money to play with that anymore! Even on Amazon, the one I've linked costs about $150!
And this is my fault, but I can't find the price for the current version on Wacom's site. I want the medium size so it's going to be more than $99. (Just looked it up, it's about $200. So...yeah. XD)

So can we just get this mess fixed for me, Windows 10? Stop fighting with my tablet so much!

Until this is cleared up, commissions will be very much slower due to my tablet pretending to be a mouse. (No pen pressure whatsoever.) If you have ordered from me or want a pic, please be patient!

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