Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winter is my favorite season!

It really is! I love the chill and it can be very pretty in certain days. Blame me being a January baby. 

Except when it's too cold to be able to go places! Wednesdays are usually choir practice night. We're expected to get into the low 30s once the sun goes down and we can't predict whether it'll ice or snow--knowing Alabama, it'll be sleet or something more like rain. 
Nothing you really want to be out in.

Blah on that! The heater is already running almost nonstop. I can tell you that the cat loves the heat. If he's not laying on the cable box, he's covering over one of the vents. If it weren't so fun to watch him, I'd raise more a fuss to everyone else in the house. XD 


  1. If you love winter so much, you should come up and visit me. It's only supposed to be negative thirty tomorrow, which only like fifty degrees below your local forecast. That's not that big of a difference.

  2. Oh naw, it's not that big a difference at all. =p Bet I'd like it anyway, really--just very less time spent outside. XD