Saturday, October 11, 2014

Final Price Edit

Commission Info:
I use paypal and charge by project, not hourly. And please know that I will ask for half payment before I start and half payment after I'm finished. 

Minor edits can be made during the working process for free but major edits or changes in pose or composition will require a small additional fee.

I cannot draw adult or mature themes so I ask that you don't request that kind of image. I also don't have the experience necessary to draw cars, machines, or robots at this time.


-Sketches: $8
-Lineart: $10
-Flat Color: $12
-Full Color: $14
-Extra Characters: Add $5 per character

-Color Behind Character: Free with colored character
-Scene Without Color: $14
-Scene With Color: $16

Items Without Characters: Negotiable

These prices are reflected in both my dA and my Wix. 

Also, this time I have a sketch I've just started for someone! My boyfriend's rp group asked me to draw one of the young gym leaders in their pokemon campaign. Here's what was approved so far:

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