Sunday, October 5, 2014

Charter, you've about done it.

There is not anything wrong with the wiring inside this house! If your people don't come and check the outside wiring that comes from the poles, you're going to have a lot more than just this house changing internet services! 

Stars alive, it's impossible to get someone to check them, too. We're not the only house on this street who has their internet blinking on and off for short times. Right now, it's almost like there's a fuss going on inside Charter itself, between the people who check the inside wires and those who check outside. 
It's such an intermittent problem though that the 'bucket trucks' just pass by or barely check on things. Because the net isn't acting up at that particular time that must mean that you don't have to come keep checking? 

I can't wait to have the money to switch the phone and internet back to AT&T. xx It ran better for them than Charter has lately. The only thing that Charter would keep in this house is the television because AT&T is horrible with the television. (That's another complaint though--one that deals with satellite and weather problems.)

The two should have just kept to what they're good at. 

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