Monday, August 11, 2014

Everything on this computer to play with

And absolutely nothing to do in the time between now and when I need to join the chatgroup I'm with. I can and will advertise for someone though!

FairysLiveHere on deviantart did a commission for me and it's absolutely beautiful! For ten dollars you get a character without a background and I love how she did everything on it. Definitely recommend that you check some of her stuff and maybe get a commission from her yourself!
As of now, I think dA is one of the better places to get in contact with her.

You can look her up and contact her on Etsy and Tumblr as well as the dA that I've already linked. ^^ Her Etsy is full of cute little charms and figures that she's made and her Tumblr and dA has both those and her drawings and paintings!

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