Thursday, July 24, 2014

And now the picture is interrupted!

All for the sake of restarting it all over. XD! It always happens. I always get an itch to rework my pieces.
WHY did it have to hit me so late in the artistry? can only get better from this point. *shake head* All I have to really do is make sure that Cera's clothes aren't clinging so tightly to her body. SURELY it can't be worse than that? At least until I find another reason to want to restart. 

Gosh though. I was so close! I almost had it finished! 
Will I ever defeat my constant need to 'redo' 'rework' and 'recolor' on a piece that is so near to completion? 

Also. I love my dA friends, especially the ones who come up with the constant critiques and 'this can be done better's. They are excellent!! ^^ May I sometime get to be able to do them the same favor. 

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