Saturday, April 26, 2014

Yay for Gilenya...and a general blurb over everything

Or rather, that it'll come before I'm actually out. XD Missed Accredo's call and only have about 5 days left...
As it is, I suppose. Could be worse, I could have to run to the hospital for another day of observation after having far too long between one dose and the next. Annoying in the way mess that, even if it IS for my own good!

Anyone else enjoy watching this guy Ashens? Love his sarcasm when something with these things of his doesn't work--minding that he tends to expect it since he gets things from dollar store like places. 

Otherwise, as for my current picture, I've not gotten much further on it at the moment. Busy trying to learn how to properly draw a figure and make them not as stiff as they currently end up. ...where am I at this point, restart 4.5 or just 5? *cue the facepalms* 

Got a better version of the figure who'll become Kima, especially looking at how stock straight she seems to be right here. At least in my never-satisfied-with-what-I-do-eyes. Once I get Valeon and Jesse resketched in a similar fashion and then get them all dressed as they should be, I'll be able to throw them around that pillar and get started with their surroundings! 
--A thought though. Anyone know any good pictures of someone leaning over a thing in a similar fashion as the fellow on the right in the current pic? I'm having a hard time 'seeing' how it ought to come out.

Which will cause another ton of reworks, no doubt. Hopefully it won't be so bad as arranging the characters, with any luck!

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