Thursday, February 6, 2014

Another day.

Another day at the office and another day of burnt coffee
another day of answering phones and "How can I help ye?"
A short and busy mess to get straightened out
and more time on my own that I could possibly count.

I wouldn't ask to be anywhere else today
because they were excited to know I'd work Thursday.
Not a thing in the world is impossibly wrong right now
and directing calls back and ask more, why and how?

I keep dreaming of what I think is a perfect job
to only be told by all ends that I'm wrong.
Volunteering is fun and it surely does something
much better than sitting on my rear and grumping

...all this mouthing for a post on my blog
when nothing today (past the mentioned coffee) is wrong! 
If only spoken word would come to me as simply as this
maybe, somehow, I'd be pleased with me for a once...

Feb 5
Written during a short break from the phones at the Red Cross and after I took a swallow of burned tasting cappuccino.  


  1. If it's any reassurance, I'm terrible at spoken-word or impromptu verse. Hell, I could probably jot down something half-way decent in a few minutes and turn around and present it, but I still can't do it off the top of my head without writing it down first.

    1. That's about how I feel! Always -have- to have the print/handwritten stuff in front of me. The sad part is that I can write something like this one in a few minutes (like you said) and it's not even properly set up or anything. It just sounds partly right. XD