Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How I wish I had this amount of money!

Monoprice Tablet with 'Draw on Screen'!
I know several people who want something similar to a Ciniq, and as good as Monoprice has been to me? I'd buy this one for them! 

And no. Monoprice's pricetag does not necessarily mean that the hardware is bad. Not at all!  The Monoprice 8x6 that I paid for, with an extra pen and extra nibs, only cost me around $50 and it has lasted so very well since buying! Wacom's Pen Only tablet (I don't know what the new name is) didn't have pressure sensitivity, and was only 4x5 for $75. You couldn't even use the whole tablet, just a pitiful tiny square in the middle of it. 

*cough* Granted, if you like Wacom's you're free to it. I don't mean to say that the tablets aren't any good, just that they're more expensive than they ought to be (in my opinion) and I got a little burned on how tiny the actual drawing area was on the one I could afford.
So I just personally like Monoprice, as if you couldn't tell. XD  

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